Your specialist partner for Explosive Hazard Risk Mitigation and Remediation Solutions


UK-registered  Ammtech provides a comprehensive portfolio of explosive hazard mitigation services, advising you from project concept through to its completion and handover.


Experienced in all aspects within this highly specialized field our consultants provide a full and personalised service covering everything from Risk Assessments, feasibility studies, surveying through to planning, design, implementation of Remediation or clearance activities.


As our consultants are experienced in other engineering fields this helps Ammtech to understand the Clients requirements and enables the company to develop an effective solution for whatever project the client is engaged in. The company has experience in Seismic Surveys, Oil & Gas projects and support for construction activities. 


Ammtech's approach is always to work with a local partner. The company pride itself in training and developing our own local capacity. This is always a more cost-effective solution for the client.


Following on from the successful IMAS Level III course, Ammtech are now planning to bring their experience to bear by running a series of IMAS and Explosive related courses


UXO for demolition (Iraq)

Uniquely talented multi-national professional service

Our team enjoy the "hands-on approach" and like to help with all aspects of project design and implementation, from start to finish we enjoy using our experience and skills thus assuring the quality of the product for any potential client.
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Survey activities in Russian winter

Innovative solutions

We endeavour to propose innovative solutions where we think they will be safe, and will suit the scope and budget of the project, usually these solutions will reduce project costs. We always prioritise the Client's requirements. Our expert team have the experience to help you define project requirements from the very beginning, thus ensuring efficient project management and cost effective Risk Mitigation Solutions.



UXO Clearance; Seismic Survey, Iraq

Comprehensive support & service portfolio

From feasibility studies to complete overall management of the project: we are able to supervise and manage all aspects for:

  • Explosive Hazard Risk Assessments
  • Explosive Hazard Risk Mitigation and remediation (clearance or calculated avoidance) 
  • Specialist support for Oil & Gas seismic activities

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Extension to a National Army Ammuntion Depot


Our consultants have worked on projects in Iraq, Bosnia, Angola, Afghanistan, Russia and Jordan. Find out about their activities by taking a look at some of these projects.

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