Our services

Our consultants manage these specialist activities on your behalf for your project from start to finish. They provide a full range of services starting with feasibility studies and design management. They plan the activities and solutions, manage the project and any contractors, supervise the work as it is conducted and implement a Quality Assurance/Quality Control programme in accordance with industry's best standards. Our expertise covers traditional activities as well as formulating innovative and expediant solutions where necessary.
We are able to carry out all types of remediation and mitigation projects, regardless of whether we are working on behalf of private clients, investors or public-sector contractors.

Key services

Feasibility studies

From the project aims and objectives identified by the Client, the company prepares the feasibility study, project design methodology and operational plan incorporating all aspects of the project including Risk Mitigation of all factors which may pose an adverse effect on the Clients project . The company does everything necessary to get the project project off the ground.

Feasibility studies

Project oversight and supervision

To ensure that your project is completed on time, the company is able to coordinate and manage all the necessary technical and organisational components required to make it a success and ensure the impact of ERW is kept to an absolute minimum.

Project supervision

Overview of our additional services

  • EOD/IED advisory services including training and mentoring packages
  • Ammunition Physical Stockpile and Storage Management (PSSM) services including training courses
  • All forms of training for working and living in areas affected by Explosive Hazards
  • Risk Awareness training for visitors and workers in hazardous areas
  • Blast mitigation assessments for structures and facilities
  • Land Remediation


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