Feasibility studies & project assessments

Irrespective of what project we are asked to consider undertaking we are able to conduct feasibility studies with our prospective client to ensure a quick decision is made as to the project's liability. Projects are often subject to complex legal and technical requirements, which the client must consider before deciding to proceed.


Our assessment team enables you to start quickly and smoothly. As part of the feasibility study, we usually carry out a desk study to examine essential concepts such as:

  • Political & military situation, including security
  • Ground conditions
  • Support & infrastructure requirements and availibity
  • Legal aspects including useful contacts.
  • Local resource availibility including labour availiblity


Our services at a glance

  • Carrying out a basic evaluation of key technical and physical issues
  • Creating a draft methodology and operations plans
  • Producing draft construction drawings where required
  • Carrying out environmental impact studies
  • Carrying out Health & Safety assessments
  • Carrying out physical surveys
  • Preparing documentation for approval and authorisation
  • Holding negotiations with statutory authorities
  • Preparation of training plans, SOP's, equipment requirements